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Every parent should read this book!

The new 12th edition of The Sanctity of Human Blood is a careful collection of the best science available today that looks very objectively at this issue. Every fact, every statistic that is stated in each paragraph is meticulously documented and referenced. The book focuses more on what the scientists who manufacture vaccines say about them rather than what the sales personnel claims.This new book is the easiest way for the parent to begin to find out what the real issues are behind all the controversy over vaccines today.


Cure is found in the cause. By identifying all possible causes - reasons and removing them, we can truly eradicate all disease and any problems we face. Can you imagine how simple it is, yet seven out of ten die of cancer, strokes, heart disease, etc. The rest perish from degenerative and incurable diseases of modern civilization and of so-called "unknown" causes or cures that are known but rather overlooked by most. The brain in order to function properly has to have alive nutrients and enzymes so it can orchestrate the mind to give glands proper impulses so the body, its organs and glands can then react accordingly with balance and in harmony.  

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WHY ARE WE VACCINATING OUR CHILDREN?-- A Conversation with Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich and Dr. Tim O’Shea, authors and leading experts on the topic. Before you vaccinate your child, know the facts. Dr. Ruza's son got polio from a vaccine, hence became a doctor to heal him.

This video will answer all of your questions and dispel the disinformation system in play behind vaccines. What’s in a vaccine? Why are Americas children the most vaccinated children in the history of the world? Know your rights and exemptions. Vaccines are mandated but not mandatory! 120 Minutes

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A Resource Guide For All Ages Saying No to Vaccines It is recommended for all professionals involved with the treatment of children, all parents and grandparents concerned about mandated vaccines and all politicians, members of administrative bodies and medical societies who have the responsibility of passing vaccine legislation that impact our children. " ~ Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH. Under his medical leadership, doctors with Homefirst Health Services in metropolitan Chicago have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home. Eisenstein said. "I don't have a single case of autism in an unvaccinated child."
Chapter 5: Vaccine Exemptions for Special Circumstances
Health care workers, Divorce, Colleges, Daycare and private schools, Nursing home residents, Incarceration/correctional facilities, Travel vaccines,  Immigration, Adoption, foreign adoption, the military
NDVD_049.BMP (1566774 bytes) VIRUSES, VACCINATIONS AND HEALING - Author, Lecturer, Dr. Leonard Horowitz delivers passionate explanations of man-made viruses and reveals the connections between the Center For Disease and Pharmaceutical companies. Vaccines are also a major topic covered by Dr. Horowitz. Most times on this program, naming names, dates and places is approached with caution, however Dr. Horowitz was on a roll this night and Dennis simply let him go, as all the facts presented were fully documented. Dennis was arrested and held the following evening on trumped up charges on his way to a seminar featuring Dr. Horowitz. Don*t miss this one. One hour - $10 [ORDER]  "VIRUSES VACCINES"


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VACCINATION AT GUNPOINT – 3 doctors and famed citizen lobbyist Janine Hansen give the real reasons for vaccination using bio-terrorism as an excuse. The model Emergency Health Powers act that is being introduced in all state legislatures has its agenda exposed in detail. The doctors review the history of vaccines, what they contain and the detrimental effects many have already sustained from their use. See this one before you get any more vaccinations for you or your children. One hour - $10 [ORDER]  "VACC AT GUNPOINT"